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PlayStation enters another market.

29/08/2022 17:00

Sony has recently demonstrated its commitment to expanding the PlayStation brand, taking some of its intellectual properties beyond its branded consoles. We have been able to see this in their great approach to the PC market, so much so that a few months ago they acquired a company specialized in making ports for this platform. In addition, this is not only in the video game industry, but they are also having a great approach to the world of cinema and series, with numerous productions underway. We could say that they only had to try to approach the mobile marketBut they have already taken the first step.

Today, the company itself has announced the definitive agreement to acquire Savage Game Studios, a development studio that, as we have said, specializes in the development of mobile video games. If this name does not sound familiar to you, even if you are regulars in this market, do not worry, it is a relatively new studio and has not yet released any title. Despite this, you should not miss it, since we are dealing with a study made up of great professionals from the industry, most of them with many years of experience working on great sagas.

According to information that Sony has detailed in an entry on the PlayStation Blog, this will not affect its usual game production, but rather it is more of an effort in the style of bringing its games to PC. In this case, this new study will join the one called “PlayStation Studios Mobile Division“, a division that according to the company’s own words, will be dedicated to offering portable experiences based on new and existing PlayStation ips.

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What can we expect?

The purchase of this study means that another market is opening up to Sony, and this seems to be the general trend of its movements in recent times. For starters, we can expect some of PlayStation’s most recognizable intellectual properties announce video games for mobile devicesin the style of Nintendo when it announced a Mario Kart for mobile and other similar titles.

Likewise, and taking into account that an entire division has been opened dedicated to this market, we can expect that this is not the only acquisition that Sony makes thinking about this market.

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By Geeke