Smileat raffles 10 Triboo packs

Participate in the raffle Smileat and you can win one of the 10 packs Triboo for healthy breakfasts and snacks.

Triboo are the first infant cereals with 0% added sugar and legume protein, and the first 100% fruit snacks with 0% added sugar.

With Triboo, the nutritional parameters of children’s breakfasts are improved following Harvard recommendations, reducing the amount of sugar and increasing the amount of fiber.

In this way you can offer your children delicious breakfasts and snacks but at the same time nutritious and healthy.

The Triboo prize pack will be composed by:

1x TRIBOO Cereals1x TRIBOO Cereals with Cocoa2x TRIBOO Apple Snack2x TRIBOO Apple and Strawberry Snack

How do I participate in the Smileat draw?

Take part

You have time until March 31st from 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Within 7 calendar days following the draw, the winners will be hired by email.

Luck! 🍀

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