Six detainees accused of gang raping a young woman inside a car in Palermo

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It all started in the afternoon, on the street Serrano at 1300full Palermo Soho, when six young people were in a Volskwagen Gol car parked next to the sidewalk.

A neighbor who noticed something suspicious alerted 911 and immediate intervention was given to officers from the 14A Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police, who moved to the scene.

At that time, according to the sources, outside the car there were two young men acting as a “bell” and inside the vehicle another four who were subduing a 20-year-old girl.

Before the arrival of the police, the victim managed to tell them that she was being sexually abused, so the assistance protocol was immediately activated and she was transferred to the Rivadavia Hospital, where she was treated by doctors.

The spokespersons explained that the young woman was accompanied by psychologists and under the assistance of experts from the Office of Sexual Violence.

The detainees were accused of the crime of “sexual abuse”, at the disposal of the Criminal and Correctional Court 21, in charge of Marcos Fernández, who will probably investigate them tomorrow morning.

The police found four packages with marijuana (11.8 grams), doses of LSD and seven cell phones inside the vehicle, which will be examined.

The judge ordered a series of expert reports in search of security cameras that could have captured the arrival of the suspects at the scene.

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