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The Show Me app makes two-way communication possible with its interactive features. Unlike the Show Me booklet, which requires a dry erase marker, the mobile app allows users to create and modify their own messages. The app also has a keyboard that can be used to type in messages. It’s a great communication tool for emergencies and shelters.

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The Show Me app is a communication tool for emergency shelters

Developed by CommunicateHealth, the Show Me app is a free mobile application that helps first responders and emergency workers communicate with disaster victims. With simple and easy to understand icons, the app helps first responders and receivers convey their needs and preferences. It is also designed for people with cognitive disabilities.

In developing this app, MDPH sought input from public health professionals who deal with staffing emergency shelters, as well as individuals with mental health issues and limited English proficiency. The app features four different response scenarios based on real-life situations. Users can quickly select the appropriate scenario based on the type of emergency that they’re dealing with.

Emergency shelters can use this communication tool to improve communication with people with disabilities. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for responders to understand the needs of the people in the shelter. The app is available for download on the iTunes and Google Play app stores. It incorporates staff tips and suggestions as well as suggestions for family members.

Emergency shelters need a quick, effective communication tool to make sure everyone is heard. This is particularly important in emergency situations where people may not speak the same language. This communication tool can be beneficial for people with hearing impairments or those who do not speak English.

The Show Me app is available on iOS

The Show Me app allows you to make learning videos with photos, drawings, and text. It lets you narrate over visual steps, and you can also interact with students privately. If you want to share your videos with others, you can create groups and invite other users. You can explore the showMes of other users, as well.

ShowMe also has a whiteboard feature, so you can make interactive presentations using the interactive whiteboard. Then, you can share them on your device or online with others. You can even record a voiceover to help you deliver your presentation. It is easy to use, and you can record as many ShowMes as you like.

ShowMe allows you to import files from Google Drive or DropBox. It also has a tools interface that lets you add text, pictures, and annotation. It also lets you record voiceovers to make your lesson more interactive. The app also supports recording audio through the microphone on the iPad.

The ShowMe app is free to download on iOS. The app has an intuitive user interface and is great for creating formative assessment videos. You can share photos, videos, and audio to tell your learning story. It also lets you include telestrator style annotations.

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