Sensilis raffles 10 retinols

Share what type of skin you have and you will get one of the 10 retinol that are raffled in the contest of Sensilis.

will be delivered a retinol depending on skin type (​Eternalist AGE [Retinol] or Eternalist AGE [Retinol Serum]).

Eternalist AGE [Retinol] It is the first intensive anti-aging cream that effectively retexturizes and reduces wrinkles on skin with rosacea, couperosis and/or sensitive skin.

It improves the overall condition of the skin, hydrates it, evens out its tone, reduces roughness and softens it.

Eternalist AGE [Retinol Serum] hydrates, fills and corrects wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

It is indicated for all skin types.

Their formula With hyaluronic acid, caffeine, growth factors, camellia oil, niacinamide, mimetic peptides, retinol and vitamin E, it protects the skin from daily external aggressions, hydrates, nourishes, repairs and regenerates its cells.

How do I participate in the Sensilis draw?

Take part

You can also participate through facebook from this link

You have time until November 2 of 2022.

The November 3 Winners will be announced via IG Stories.​

Good luck!

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