Sensilis draw of 5 sun care routines

Protect yourself this summer with one of the 5 very complete solar packs of Sensilis which includes sun protection creams, a towel and a carrycot to carry everything.

With this award, discover the creams that, in addition to protect you against the sun’s rays, they also include antiaging and moisturizing contributions.

Let nothing stop you from making all the plans you have in mind this summer, because you can always be well protected with these solar.

So if you want to try the effects of these multi-effect creams, don’t hesitate and take part in this Instagram and Facebook giveaway.

They will be distributing a total of 5 kits including:

1 Water Fluid 50+SPF colorless1 Waterfluis 50+SPF Color2 body sprays 50+ SPF2 After Sun Repair2 Sensilis pareo towels1 carrycot

How do I participate in the Sensilis draw?

Instagram Giveaway:

Take part

Facebook Giveaway:

Take part

You can participate as many times as you want as long as you tag new people and leave new comments.

Do it before July 15 from 2022

On Monday July 18 From 2022 the name of the winners will be announced through Instagram stories, so be very attentive.

Do not miss it!

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