Sebastian Teysera quotMy adult dream is to continue in a

Filo crossed the Río de la Plata to make Caja Negra in Uruguay with Sebastián Teysera from La Vela Puerca. To make this interview even more historic, we brought an audience into the room.

His dream as a boy was to have a rock band with friends and his dream as an adult is “to continue with a rock band with friends”: “We managed to get the first album out and I said ‘that’s it, the dream is fulfilled.’ he’s a teenager, he doesn’t understand what you’re going to do with your life. And I love music.” He studied hotel management, received his degree and dedicated himself to music.

An anecdote that he told in the privacy of Caja Negra but before the Uruguayan public, was when a piano almost set fire: “I was playing my old man’s piano and I was putting the ashtray next to the lowest keys. I was with my eyes closed And the first three keys throwing sparks from the wood that later came the ivory and everything was wrong. But then my sister came, who put a manger on top and finished burning it.”

The first Vela Puerca show was filmed: “It was in ’95. Our friend Mauri Tedeschi was there, who was the one who drew the cheeky first album. It occurred to him to bring a camera that he had and film it. And he filmed it all One day we saw it on TV from the bondi on tour and those are trips to the past. You begin to understand why you are where you are and how things were done.. I don’t know which band has its first concert recorded in its entirety at that time and there was a discussion there if we put it on YouTube or not, a lot of people were embarrassed. Imagine if we played everything well in the first concert. Nobody believes us that it is the first concert, so it’s fine that way. And Well, in this wild democracy that actually voted, I voted yes. And there it is.”

“I love to cook. I learned after so much crap that I ate on tour. Cake, pizza, empanadas. My specialty is pot food. Risotto,” the artist revealed.

If we go to the black box of your life, what is the moment that makes you the person you are today?: “The first day my old man taught me a chord on the guitar. I was trying to get As tears Go by out of the Rolling Stones and it came out in the biggest. And here I am”.

By Geeke