Santa Teresa raffles a Christmas basket

Participate in the raffle Santa Teresa and you can win a very complete basket with Santa Teresa sweets characteristic of Christmas value €47.00.

Bring to your table this Christmas the best and delicious sweets from Santa Teresa to delight your family and friends with the taste of traditional crafts.

The Christmas Basket will contain:

Santa Teresa Traveling Buds: The authentic and traditional Santa Teresa Yolks. Made only with egg and sugar following the traditional recipealmond yolks: Masterful combination of Santa Teresa Yolk and selected national Marcona almond.Yolk Nougat: The essence of this artisan nougat is the authentic Santa Teresa Yolk of exceptional quality, unmatched texture and exceptional flavor.Cadiz Bread: Made with authentic Santa Teresa and Quince Yolks, it is a true jewel of artisan confectionery.Coffee Nougat: An artisan nougat flavored with coffee, almonds and top-quality dark chocolate, a gourmet touch.

How do I participate in the Santa Teresa raffle?

Take part

You have time until November 27 from 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

The winner will be chosen on November 28.

Good luck!

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