samantha larusso

Samantha LaRusso is an actress and singer. She is the daughter of Daniel LaRusso, and older sister to Anthony LaRusso. As a child, she was taught karate by her father. She was very close to Mr. Miyagi, who often called her his “grandson”. However, as she grew older, she lost interest in karate and later stopped practicing. However, she still had knowledge of the art.

Sam struggles with PTSD

Samantha Larusso struggles with PTSD, which is a condition in which a person experiences trauma or pain because of an incident that took place many years ago. Sam’s PTSD worsens after the attack on Demetri, and she struggles with nightmares about Tory drowning her. When her parents try to reopen Miyagi-Do, Sam refuses to help them. Daniel, however, realizes that he has fallen out of touch with his daughter, and he makes plans to take her fishing.

Miguel, on the other hand, is Miguel’s longtime love interest. Sam is smitten with Miguel, but feels pressure from her parents to keep the relationship secret from them. Because of the negative history of her father with the Cobra Kai, she feels embarrassed to have a new relationship. Miguel, meanwhile, believes that Sam is only dating him because she’s ashamed of her relationship with Robby Keene. This situation leads to a heated rivalry between the two.

Amanda, Sam’s sister, tries to help Sam. She offers to help Tory with her new job when she finds out about Sam’s problem. Daniel tries to frighten her but Amanda tries to persuade him to change his ways. This makes Tory jealous and makes him feel guilty about his actions.

Sam’s relationship with Tory

Sam and Tory’s relationship has a complex history. Robby was initially dating Sam’s ex-boyfriend, Miguel Diaz, who he tries to protect. Robby has always disliked Tory for bullying Sam and actively tries to protect her. However, their relationship becomes complicated after Robby ends up in juvie after a fight with Sam. In the probation office, Tory confronts him, reminding him that he ended the fight, and he fears that Sam will turn against him.

Tory is near the breaking point. She has refused to explain her behavior to Sam for months, and is unable to explain her actions. Then, she gets left alone and punished by Silver, who forces her to punch a rock dummy with bare hands. Tory then injures her hand. Sam listens to Tory’s explanation, and finally agrees to help her. In the end, Miguel is able to persuade Sam to accept Tory’s reasons.

In the series finale, Sam and Tory’s relationship takes a dramatic turn. During a fight at Tory’s house, Sam suffers a panic attack. She still has the trauma from the school brawl, and is frightened to talk to Tory. Tory then attacks Sam with nunchaku, but Sam overcomes her fear and defeats Tory with her Bo staff.

Sam’s relationship with Miguel

When Robby is released from the juvenile detention center, he decides to visit Sam, who is currently training with Miguel. Seeing them together in a compromising position, Robby accuses Sam of cheating on him. Sam denies this, but defends Miguel and the relationship. The two reconcile after Robby leaves Cobra Kai Dojo to join Miyagi-Do. They later become good friends again.

The relationship between Sam and Miguel continues to develop throughout the fourth season of Cobra Kai. Despite the fact that they are no longer in love, the two maintain their ties to one another. In the season’s penultimate episode, the two are back on good terms and work towards rebuilding their relationship.

Throughout the first season of the show, Sam and Miguel had a relationship, but things changed when Miguel’s attitude towards Sam changed. Actress Mary Mouser has spoken about the character of Miguel, and she said that Miguel represents everything Sam was moving away from in Season 1. She also described Miguel as warm, kind, and a “normal” guy.

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