Salsa gives away 10 E100 coupons

If you are a customer of the Salsa Jeans STAR program or you sign up at the time of it, you can win one of the 10 €100 coupons for the new collection.

Being part of Salsa’s STAR customer program has many exclusive benefits such as discounts, offers and multiple benefits such as participating in this contest.

The 10 coupons that are given away for an amount of €100 may be used on items from the new collection in the online store or in the Salsa physical store until November 6, 2022.

Take advantage of this promotion and choose the best of the Salsa collection for your autumn-winter 2022 looks.

How do I participate in the Salsa draw?

Access the «Salsa Jeans True Fit Giveaway».Log in with your e-mail if you are already a STAR client If you are not yet, register in the program by filling in the form at the moment If you are among those selected, you will receive a question by e-mail that you must answer before the day October 3 of 2022.

Take part

You have time from 15 to September 25th of 2022 to sign up.

The 10 winners will be counted by e-mail on October 6.

we leave you a link to Google Calendar for you to wear a reminder dated 06-10 and check your e-mail.

Good luck!

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