Russia will not ask to lift economic sanctions

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The Russian government stated today that it will not ask United States and Europe to lift the sanctions imposed on him for the invasion of Ukraine, and warned that pressure from the West will not make him change course.

“We are not going to ask them to suspend the sanctions,” said the vice chancellor, Sergei Vershininin an interview published by the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

“We will simply continue to develop our economy and our ability to develop independently, relying only on the support of our friends and supporters,” the official explained.

Vershinin He stressed that the sanctions are not due to a decision by Moscow, but “they were imposed by the satellite countries of the United States to put pressure on Russia” and put its economy “in a difficult situation.”

“These sanctions, as an instrument of pressure, are illegitimate and will not bring results,” added the diplomat, according to the news agency Sputnik.

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