Rosario Central fired Marco Ruben: “Such affection does not enter my body"

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In the farewell of its last great idol, Rosario Central crushed Estudiantes de La Plata 3-1 on the last date of the Professional Soccer League Cup in a packed Gigante de Arroyito to applaud its top scorer, Marco Ruben.

In the first half, Luciano Ferreyra and Alejo Véliz scored the “rogue” goals, while the historic striker scored the rest in the second half. For his part, Gonzalo Piñeiro discounted at the end for “Pincha”, who had already won the area beforehand.

The attacker emerged from the lower Rosario Central, debuted in 2004 and scored 172 goals, of which 105 were with the Canalla shirt, thus becoming the club’s top scorer in the professional era: “It doesn’t get into my body such affection, today they gave me the dream farewell”, he expressed once the game was over.

“Dream fulfilled, I am retiring in the best way, playing a great game and scoring a goal”, he commented excitedly and added that now he only has to enjoy his family: “I am happy to have fulfilled many dreams with this shirt, which is the shirt of my life.

In addition, he referred to the previous week, in which the fans dedicated all their love to him: “The whole week was special, they were very beautiful days, very intense, many people sent me their love”, and analyzed: “It is quite a life here is a career in a place where you want to play. I lived all the sensations that can be felt, the good ones and the bad ones”.

Lastly, he asserted that his children have the same love for the shirt as he does and maintained that he left them an inheritance for the colors: “It was very exciting for them to see me play and for me to see them grow up. They already have this disease inside, that beautiful thing of being fans of the central ”, he concluded.

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