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In less than a month the ASUS portable console will be on the market.

Asus ROG Ally is the new portable console with PC power

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In recent years we have been able to see how the portable market has resurfaced in stylesince although in the past it was theorized that this quota would end up being eaten by smartphones, the reality is that Nintendo Switch has managed to change this As it is today the third best-selling console in history, which has also caused others to imitate its model, such as the Steam Deck.

However, it must be said that Valve It is not the only company launching into this marketthus giving rise to that we can see that Asus will debut in it with the announcement of the ROG Ally, a new portable console of which have already been revealed new detailsbut that, in essence, will be equivalent to being able to play anywhere on a PC.

ROG Ally will be launched on the market on May 11

Under this premise, although initially we had superficial data, it seems that Asus has gone all out with the ROG Allysince all kinds of details have been given, beginning with its release date for May 11as well as different characteristics of the console, while in a press release it has been indicated that ROG Ally will run on new AMD Ryzen Z1 series processors with RDNA3 graphics.

With such characteristics, it has also been said that the Zero Gravity thermal system will be in charge of applying its two fans together with thin fins of the heat sink and high friction heat pipes to maintain cooling system. On the other hand, in terms of its components, the ROG Ally will have a 1080p display with a 120Hz refresh rateas well as support for AMD FreeSync Premium, along with a maximum brightness of 500 nits.

On the other hand, we can’t go through something that the ROG Ally will will run using Windows 11 as Operating Systemwhich also means that the problem regarding the games that can be run or not on the console is non-existent, contrary to what happens with the Steam Deck, since with this OS any current game and for years to come You will be able to move on the console without any kind of inconvenience. From all this, it is clear that ROG Ally will be ideal for all kinds of gamesincluding those that you can already catch on offer.

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