Rodriguez Larreta quotThe government releases prisonersquot

In the midst of the discussion with the national government over the overcrowding in Buenos Aires police stations, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said that the City “is not going to change the political decision to go against criminals” and accused the Nation of “freeing prisoners.”

“There is an agreement with the Government, which should take the prisoners to federal prisons, and they are not complying with it, precisely because of what María Laura Garrigós de Rébori (commissioner of the Federal Penitentiary Service) told Marcelo D’Alessandro (Minister of City Security),” said the Buenos Aires president.

This Monday, after four prisoners escaped from a Chacarita police station, the head of the Buenos Aires Security portfolio whitewashed the serious situation that is going on in the City, where criminals must be housed in police stations “that are not prepared” to that and launched a serious accusation against the controller of the SPF, which depends on the Executive Power. “She told me: ‘The problem you have is the criminal policy that you carry out, if you stop arresting, you will not have problems with the detainees in the police stations,'” the official revealed.

This morning, during a dialogue with journalists in Villa Zavaleta, where a narco bunker was demolished, Rodríguz Larreta affirmed that the City will not modify the political decision “to go against criminals.”

“Our position is not going to change. The criminals in the city have to be imprisoned. Beyond the fact that the national government wants to free them, we are not going to change,” he said. And he added: “The Government releases prisoners, it did so during the pandemic and it is clear from what they told D’Alessandro, that too many people are imprisoned in the City. It is not too much.”

By Geeke