Rodriguez Larreta presented registrations for candidates without political

The “Open Lists” project, presented by the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta this afternoon, aims to recruit residents of the City of Buenos Aires who have never participated in politics but want to get involved and debut as candidates in the next elections.

The initiative that had an extensive advertising campaign on public roads in the City with yellow signs and the slogan: “Would you vote for yourself?” and that was presented by the mayor of Buenos Aires aims to recruit “200 new leaders who next year will be trained in the School of Leaders of the PRO to select the 34 candidates who best represent the renewal of our space, the commitment to our ideals and the future of the transformation in the City”.

Within his presidential speech with a projection towards 2023, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta invited citizens who want to “be part of the transformation of the City” to register to be candidates for legislators and community members on the project’s website that is enabled from announcement of the head of government.

The promoter of the project Emmanuel Ferrario, first vice president of the Legislature and deputy head of the Buenos Aires government participated in the announcement; the government minister, Jorge Macri; the president of PRO CABA, Claudio Romero, and the Secretary General of PRO CABA, Juan Pablo Graña.

The initiative flirts with the old spirit of the Pro, which was taken over by the libertarian leader Javier Milei, of detaching himself from traditional politics and its leaders. He points to the electorate that stopped supporting the liberal economist after his statements about “the market for organs,” “the free bearing of arms,” ​​among other highly controversial postulates.

The project was promoted by the first vice president of the Legislature and deputy head of the Buenos Aires government, Emmanuel Ferrario, who assured that “this initiative enhances what we have always been in the PRO: a political space that brings together diverse people, who understand politics as a tool to live better and that goes out to do it for the first time en masse so that the commitment of many more can be transformed into action”.

By Geeke