River sells Enzo Fernandez for a millionaire figure and stays

In the run-up to the start of the round of 16 against Vélez, River sold Enzo Fernández, one of its best players, to Benfica from Portugal for a figure close to 18 million euros for 75% of the pass, but he would stay until the end of the year to play the Copa Libertadores.

Although the club has not yet responded to the offer officially, the transfer is almost a fact, taking into account that River would keep a quarter of the pass, so in some years it could add much more money to its coffers in a future transfer.

The Eagles, which are the best-selling club in the world, plan to sign a five-year contract for the soccer player, but his arrival would take place when the Copa Libertadores ends in November. In this way, the footballer’s wish to stay and play in his first Cup as the undisputed starter is respected.

In addition to Benfica, Wolverhampton appeared from the Premier League, a club that shares partnerships with the Portuguese, but they were unable to reach an agreement. While from Serie A Milan raised his hand and in France an interest from PSG was rumored.

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By Geeke