google stadia jugador perdera sus progresos en red dead redemption tras cierre

A player asks Rockstar through a tweet to allow him to transfer his character to another platform so as not to lose his progress.

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. It has a wide range of very useful services for all Internet users, from the Gmail email service, to translator, maps, spreadsheets, calendars, Classroom for online students and much more; so it stands to reason that he would find a niche in the entertainment industry and launch Google Stadia, a video game platform operated by said company. They are official release date was November 19, 2019 and intended to compete with similar services such as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Now, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass or Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch Online.

Later, in April 2020, Google launched the “Stadia Base” service for free to any user who has a Google account, however, on September 29 – shortly before its third anniversary – Google announced the closure of the platform. Through an official community, The Keyword, and explained that although the technology was necessary for its player base, the lack of traffic from its public and the competitiveness of the companies in the sector were the main reasons why Google He resolved to make that decision.

They even assured that users will be able to continue accessing Stadia normally and enjoy their already purchased titles, although they will not be able to acquire new content. In fact, they will reimburse their users for the money they have invested in the platform, between hardware and games. And finally, Google Stadia will close its doors permanently from January 18, 2023.


For some players, the closure of Google Stadia was devastating

Although the company has reported that the platform was not sustainable due to its low audience, this does not mean that there have not been gamers who really enjoyed the Google service. And this is the case of a Read Dead Redemption player that, after almost 6,000 hours logged in Google Stadia, he is now very concerned about the progress he has made and finds himself begging Rockstar to let him do a character transfer after the news of the closure of the service.

The gamer in question, who has a YouTube channel called ItsColourTV, shortly after the news of Google Stadia’s shutdown broke, took to Twitter and posted: “No you don’t understand how seriously pissed off I am.” alongside a screenshot showing that you’ve put 5,907 hours into Read Dead Redemption on Google’s gaming platform.


“To contextualize: these hours are on Google Stadia and today Google has announced that it will close the platform”, you can read in a later tweet from the same user and continues: “RockstarGames please let us do a unique transfer of characters I beg you”.

This is basically a desperate measure of the player not to lose the progress he has shown all this time on ItsColourTV as of January 18, 2023, which is just around the corner. And, if lost along with the service, you will have to start a new file on another platform with the 5,907 hours (approximately 246 days) thrown away.

In this sense, a large number of Read Dead Redemption players sympathized with the player and some of them responded to his tweet with possible suggestions to save the ItsColourTV archive. One of them even suggested the player to use Google Takeout (a data download service) to transfer his file to PC. However, he replied, “I don’t play story mode.” This means that you’re really going to lose everything you’ve done, since there’s no way to save the file, apparently.

We still do not know what will happen to the progress that this player made on Google Stadia, since in the announcement of the closure of its platform the company simply offered refunds and did not specify what would happen to these cases -of which it is surely not the only one. , but yes the best known-. Be that as it may, if Rockstar were to read his pleas on the internet, they would be doing this guy a huge favor if he allowed him to transfer his character just this once. Although, unfortunately, this most likely will not happen. Hopefully they offer you a discount in the future.

By Geeke