Reasons to buy a Xiaomi mobile

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Why should you buy a Xiaomi mobile? I’ll explain it below:

Xiaomi became the main manufacturer of smartphones in China competing with technology giants such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei breaking the myth
Low price = Low quality

Features and price of Xiaomi’s most advanced and cheapest mobile

Reasons to buy a Xiaomi mobileScreen: 6.53″Android: 10.0 Ram Memory: 4GB Camera: 48px and 13px Battery: 5020 mAh Octa-core 2.0GHz 1000MHz GPU

Well, that’s not all, there are some great reasons why one should consider buying a Xiaomi phone, despite the existence of brands like Samsung. Let’s start by mentioning them:

Low Price – Great Specs

The price is the most important factor, which you would consider when buying a smartphone. Let’s be clear, not everyone can afford an iPhone or any other mobile that exceeds 500 euros in price.

So, Xiaomi gives the utmost importance to the price of its devices. Even its latest Xiaomi Mi5 flagship smartphone with premium features costs less than 400 euros.
Because it is always better to sell a $100 product to 1,000 people than a $1,000 product to 100 people. Do we agree with that?
But the cost never compromised the specifications of its smartphones. Xiaomi manages to sell the same high-spec smartphones at low prices that other brands like Samsung sell at almost double the price.

Why are Xiaomi devices so cheap?

Then a question arises. How can Xiaomi sell its smartphones at very low prices, while those of other companies cannot? Because…
Xiaomi sells its product directly to consumers through online stores. There are no offline stores. No dealers. No additional costs.
Xiaomi does not spend money on advertising. They are based on social media and word of mouth from existing satisfied customers. Have you ever seen a Xiaomi TV commercial?
This helps Xiaomi save a lot of money and helps sell smartphones at unbelievably low prices. They expect you to do the advertising, showing your satisfaction with the team.

Premium hardware and build quality

Low prices have never defined the quality of Xiaomi phones. Even though they sell smartphones at low prices, they never compromised on the quality of hardware and build material.


When I see low-priced smartphones, I realize that most of them use low-quality MediaTek processors. But unlike others, almost all Xiaomi smartphones are powered by Snapdragon processors, which are considered to be the best smartphone processors.

build quality

The material used for the internal and external construction of Xiaomi smartphones is also of high quality. Believe me, I dropped my Redmi 2 prime several times from the table, even trying to put it in my backpack, something silly I know, but what is not silly, that to all the falls he has behaved like a true Hulk, that no blow It damages it, well not yet tested throwing it from a building.
Can you believe that a smartphone that costs around 100 euros is made entirely of metal? Xiaomi showed that it is possible with the new Redmi.

great camera

As I have already said, Xiaomi uses high-quality hardware, the camera module is no exception. Be it a more affordable smartphone or the flagship, Xiaomi smartphones have always had a decent or great camera.

Even the Redmi 2, priced at 100 euros, considered the best camera phone in the price range, can take amazing photos and record videos in 1080p resolution.

The newly launched Xiaomi Mi5 even has an Optical Image Stabilizer which is usually only found in expensive smartphones like iPhone 5 or 6, LG g4 and so on, costing you more than 700 euros.


Founded in 2010 by former Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun, Xiaomi started out as a software company, providing a customized version of Android, MIUI. At first they were not smartphone manufacturers.

MIUI gained great popularity and was ported to a large number of smartphones. This is for the reason that it has many features that the stock version of Android lacks.
In 2011, they started making their own hardware and released their first smartphone with MIUI. MIUI had been the base product and strength of Xiaomi.

Why is MIUI so special?

There are certain things and advantages of MIUI that made it the most popular custom ROM with a huge fan base:

Highly customizable – Xiaomi’s MIUI is the most customizable ROM out there. It has hundreds of themes to change the look of the entire user interface.

Alternatively, you can adjust each part of the software like lock screen, notification ringtone, and even home screen individually to your liking.

It’s fast – No matter how rich and heavy it looks, you can move and navigate between apps faster. Security – Xiaomi’s default security app is extremely powerful. You can control/configure the permissions you give to individual apps. In addition to that, you have Anti-Malware, Clean up and other useful features. Regular Updates – MIUI has a large group of developers and contributors from all over the world. So the software is regularly updated with new features, improvements and bug fixes. The other thing is that Xiaomi provides MIUI updates even for its old devices. so you don’t have to worry about your software being out of date. MIUI Forum – Stuck with an error or problem on your Mi device, MIUI Forum is there to rescue you. MIUI forum has a large group of developers, official MIUI team and experienced Mi fans. Just post your issue on the forum and get it solved by MIUI enthusiasts in no time.

A reliable mobile

Most products from China have a bad reputation because they use low-quality material. But not all of them. I have to say it again, Xiaomi uses high quality material.
I’ve been using one of my Xiaomi smartphones for a year now and trust me, I’ve never had any issues apart from a phone heating issue which was later fixed with a software update, I haven’t had any other relevant issues As if to say that it is a cheap and bad mobile, but on the contrary, it is good and should cost more, but it is Xiaomi, which “offers it to us on a silver platter” at this price.

No root undo guarantee

This is really unique to Xiaomi. You will not lose warranty even if you root your device. Unlike other smartphones, Xiaomi phones are bootloader unlocked.
Therefore, if you accidentally get your device bricked, you can go to Xiaomi service center to get it repaired and you will still be under warranty. But remember that you should stay on the MIUI and not any other custom ROM.

Removable/ No Bloatware

Most smartphone manufacturers ship their phones with some first-party or third-party apps pre-installed. Most of the time they cannot be uninstalled.
It is quite annoying to have those extra applications that we do not use. They take up extra memory, extra RAM. We can call it as Bloatware.
Xiaomi phones come with only a few pre-installed apps like Music app which is very powerful and other basic apps like Browser, Notes which are quite useful.
In a word, we can say that there is actually no bloatware on Xiaomi devices, even the few apps installed are basic essential apps.

Which Xiaomi phone should you buy?

Well that completely depends on your choice and budget

Xiaomi has smartphones from three different series. MI’s flagship series, which is the highest priced but still not that expensive. The Redmi series, which is the cheapest smartphone series, and the Redmi Note series, which are large-screen smartphones with an intermediate price between the MI series and the Redmi series.

If you are on a budget, consider buying the Redmi series phones, which are cheap and have good specifications.

The Redmi Note series is a great choice for big screen phone lovers as it usually has a screen size of around 5.5″.

And finally, if you want a high-spec smartphone, the MI series is the one for you.
Xiaomi smartphones have great specifications and performance and that says that they are very affordable. If Xiaomi is selling powerful smartphones at half the price of others, then why go for other brands?

That is why, being a Mi fan myself, I highly advise and recommend you to buy a Xiaomi smartphone the next time you want to buy a smartphone.

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