Raffle of 5 lots with 2 lipsticks from Cosmeticos Foraneos

Don’t miss out on this Instagram giveaway Mine Magazine in which he distributes 5 lots with 1 gloss lipstick and 1 matte lipstick that include a mirror and LED light.

Imagine taking out your lipstick in any situation and being able to look at yourself and touch up the color perfectly. Now with the products of Foreign Cosmetics it’s possible.

And it is that these magnificent ledme lipsticks They are not only made to give us a perfect finish, but they also adapt to all those situations in which we do not have a light or a mirror in conditions.

In addition, the 6 colors available are water resistant, with a mix of completely vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

You do not want to miss this draw for anything in the world in which 5 lots are distributed with:

1 Ledme Gloss Lipstick 1 Ledme Matte Lipstick

This lot is valued at €35.58 and you can choose what colors you want.

How do I participate in the Mia Magazine giveaway?

Take part

Try to participate before August 14 of 2022 because that day the name of the winners will be announced.

You can participate as many times as you want as long as you leave new comments and tag new people.

Stay tuned for the giveaway post because it will be where the winners will be announced.


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