Raffle of 5 batches of Crismona products and 5 aprons

The brand Chrismona raffles 5 prizes that include batches of their unique and original products and aprons among all those who answer their question.

And it is that if you are a fan of the sausages of this brand and you follow them on networks, you can venture to guess what will be the brand’s next product?

From Crismona they give you a clue what are these letters Which make up the name of the next product in this order:

V_N_G_E S_L & _I_R_A

And if you want, here’s another hint:

Take a look at his latest posts Facebook profile where you will find, in the latest publications, the product in question.

So do not stay without participating because you could take one of the 5 lots made up of:

1 Can of Chopped Pork special Crismona 425 g1 Can of Chopped Turkey Crismona 400 g1 Can of Crismona pork frankfurt sausages 230 g.1 Can of Crismona turkey sausages 230 g.1 Lunch can of Crismona pork 300 g.1 Pack of two cans of Chopped Pork special Crismona 130 g1 Apron Crismona.

How do I participate in the Crismona draw?

Take part

And that’s it, you can participate until August 31 from 2022

A few days after the end of the draw, the winners will be contacted via email [email protected] and the names will also be published in the Crismona’s Facebook profile.

So be very careful because, if you are the winner, you will have to respond and accept your prize.

Good luck!

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