Raffle of 5 Antiaging Masderm treatments

Get one of the 5 anti-aging treatments that are raffled Masderm by signing up for their participation list.

This triphasic-inspired treatment helps you to curb all the impact of the environment that your face receives during the winter.

In addition to curbing the signs of aging, you will also recover some signs of youth such as lighting, hydration and wrinkle reduction.

If you would like to see it on your face, do not hesitate and get one of these packages that include:

Triphasic Facial SerumTrimas C Antiaging CreamSunmas Sunscreen 50+

How do I participate in the Masderm giveaway?

Take part

And that’s it, you can sign up before March 18th from 2022

Stay tuned for notifications in your email because they could let you know that you have been chosen.

Good luck!

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