Raffle of 200 complete lots of Pasquier

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If you are one of those who have breakfast with natural milk rolls from Pasquieryou will love this draw in which you can receive one of the 200 lots that they distribute

For this you only have to buy 2 packs of Pan de Leche Natural Pasquier and accumulate shares.

Without a doubt, a good way to enjoy the breakfasts or snacks with these breads that can sweeten any moment of the day.

So don’t think about it and get a minimum of these brioche breads because you could take one of the 200 lots including:

Milk bread, 350 gr. Bun, 320 gr. Chocolate chip milk bread, 232 gr. Pancake, 280 gr. Chocolate chip pancake, 280 gr. Original mini bun, 210 gr.

How do I participate in the Pasquier draw?

Buy 2 Natural Pasquier milk loaves.Go into Draw of 200 Pasquier lots.Fill in the form with your natural data Upload a photograph of your purchase receipt

Take part

You can participate until April 30th of 2022.

Keep in mind that if you want to participate more than 1 time you will have to make the minimum purchase of 2 Pasquier natural milk loaves again.

You will instantly know if you have won one of the 200 lots.

Otherwise, you can continue participating with a new purchase ticket and on a different day.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETCategory:Sweepstakes by purchase
(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 200 complete lots of Pasquier Link:Raffle of 200 complete lots of Pasquier Mechanics:Buy 2 Natural Pasquier milk loaves, fill in the form with your natural data and upload a photograph of your purchase ticketBasesLinkTime:3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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