Raffle of 20 buffets and 20 pool mats

Jump right into the summer season with bite the paste participating in this raffle in which they distribute 20 buffet passes and 20 mats in the form of pizza.

This giveaway takes place on the Instagram and Facebook profiles of Muerde la Pasta, so if you also use these networks, don’t think about it and leave your participation.

You can enjoy a delicious 100% italian buffet in one of the restaurants of this incredible chain that, surely, you will have in your city.

In addition, you already know that a summer without being able to show off photos is not summer, so for the winners, beach or pool mats will also be distributed in the form of a pizza to make your photos more colorful, creative and cool.

Specifically, the 20 lots Prize winners will be distributed as follows:

10 invitations to the Bite the Pasta buffet with inflatable mats for those who participate in Instagram10 invitations to the Bite the Pasta buffet with inflatable mats for those who participate in Facebook.

How do I participate in the Bite the Pasta draw?

Giveaway on Instagram:

Take part

Giveaway on Facebook:

Take part

You can participate as many times as you want by tagging different people.

But before the June 26th 2022, which is when the draw ends.

Keep in mind that 10 prizes will be awarded on Facebook and another 10 on Instagram, so you can participate in both networks to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

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