Raffle of 10 pet GPS locators and 5000 hotel nights

If you are a customer Vodafone you will love to know that if you have a pet it can make you win one of the 10 Curve Pet Locators or the 5,000 hotel nights.

The first thing you should do is take the most beautiful photo your pet to get as many more points as possible.

You must be original and imaginative because there will be a vote with the photo of all the pets who participate and the ten best punctuated will win.

Alsothroughout the entire process, among all the participants, they will be raffling randomly and just for participating, these prizes:

5,000 prizes for 2 hotel nights for the price in Ruralka accommodation where you can take your pet

In addition, in the voting, the first 10 pets They will take:

1 x Curve Pet GPS Tracker

How do I participate in the Vodafone draw?

Take part

At the moment you will know if you have won one of the prizes.

You can participate until October 3 of 2022.

Share with your family and friends the photo of your pet so that you can accumulate more points and be one of the 10 winners.

Good luck!

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