Raffle of 10 packs of Vilardell products and 1 dinner

To celebrate the launch of the website of Vilardell They raffle 10 packs of their products and 1 dinner at Xavier Pellicer’s slowfood restaurant in Barcelona.

So if you are also interested in keeping a good digestive healthdo not miss these gifts because they are all focused on the same mission:

The well-being of digestion.

And it is that Vilardell Digest products are Specialist in products that improve and maintain the health of the digestive transit.

And on the other, the Xavier Pellicer restaurant, has won two Repsol Sunsfor having an alternative called Slow Food whose motto is:

“the pleasure of ingestion, the well-being of digestion”.

Participate then and try your luck to take one of these two prizes:

9 packs of Vilardell Digest products, each consisting of: 1 Vilardell Digest Transit (€12.10), 1 Vilardell Digest Digesben (€11.55), 1 Vilardell Digest Bilax (€10.95), 1 Vilardell Digest Melax (9, €95), 1 Vilardell Digest Probilac (€23.65), 1 Vilardell Digest Probisec (€11.95). Valued at a total of €80.15.2 bonuses gift of a tasting menu at Xavier Pellicer’s restaurant in Barcelona or similar valued at €220.00.

How do I participate in the Vilardell Digest draw?

Take part

You can participate until November 23 from 2022

Thursday November 24 2022 in the newsletter the name of the winners will be announced.

Keep in mind that if you are not from Barcelona, ​​they will pay for your transport, so do not hesitate and participate.

Good luck!

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