Raffle of 1 trip to Bali for 2 people

Get to know this restaurant that raffles on its Instagram account a trip to bali for 2 people with flights and accommodation included.

Natural Poke has brought poke bowls to Mallorca, a typical plating format of the Hawaiian culture.

In recent years, you have surely heard of these, and they have become quite popular because they use balanced and healthy combinations of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and nuts.

And now that you know the leitmotif of this restaurant, you can’t miss this draw in which could you take:

2 tickets for a round trip Madrid-Bali, between the months of April-May or September-October and with accommodation included for 10 nights by Natur Poke Franquicia

How do I participate in the Natur Poke draw?

Take part

You can participate until March 31st from 2022

On Friday April 1st From 2022 the winner will be announced via 1 private message.

Remember that the flight leaves and arrives in Madrid, so you must be able to get there.

Good luck!

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