Raffle of 1 bottle of Finca Martelo and 1 Sonos

Participate in this Oscars pool in which you can give your predictions and try to win 1 bottle Estate Martelo and 1 Sonos Beam sound bar.

So if you’re a movie buff and this year you’re sure who’s going to win, you can’t miss this promotion.

because your forecasts could be fulfilled and take you one of these fantastic prizes that will make your meetings at home more level than ever.

And it is that if something releases the Estate Marteloin addition to good taste, is the authenticity, elegance and quality of its wines, which are absorbed from a paradisiacal Cantabrian enclave where they are born.

In addition to 1 bottle of Finca Martelo, you can take 1 Sonos Beam speaker with an elongated rectangular shape in a uniform color that will also give a touch of design to any space in your home.

How do I participate in the Finca Martelo draw?

Go into Quiniela Oscar de Finca Martelo.Answer the questions about who you think should win the different categoriesAt the end of the form fill in your personal information

Take part

You can participate until March 27th from 2022 at 10:00 p.m..

In this draw, the person who has made the most predictions correctly will win and will be contacted by March 29.

So be very attentive to the incredible gala of the Oscars because maybe you can be a winner.

Good luck!

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