Raffle for 1 prize of E600 and 14 Jean Paul

Participate in this raffle Jean Paul Gaultierin which you can win a prize of €600 or one of the 14 bottles of 125ml of the fragrance Le Beau Le Parfum.

Pay attention to this promotion, because the €600 prize You can only redeem it in one of the two options that they provide you.

On the one hand you could make a tattoo in pure marine style, although you will have free rein to choose the design.

Or you can redeem it at training sessions for a maximum of 3 months.

In one way or another you will be able to embody the iconic Sailors by Jean Paul Gaultier and feel like an adventurer.

What’s more, every day will be raffled among the participants:

1 bottle of the amazing Le Beau fragrance Le Parfum 125ml

How do I participate in the Jean Paul Gaultier raffle?

Take part

You can participate until March 20 from 2022

The day March 25th 2022 the winner of the €600 prize will be chosen

And every day, while the promotion lasts, 1 winner of 1 bottle of the fragrance will be chosen.

So be very attentive to your email in case you are one of the winners.

Good luck!

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