Racing fans kicked a former mayor convicted of abuse out of the stands

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Argentine soccer continued on the weekend with the presence of Racing Club as the protagonist in the Argentine Cup, in a game that was able to move forward but where a particular situation arose with a escrache carried out by women from Santiago and the bar.

In the gallery of the “Academy” was the former mayor of La Banda, Santiago del Estero, Héctor Eduardo “Chabay” Ruiz, convicted of crimes of sexual abuse and who was expelled when he was recognized in the party, which he had attended with his family.

The official was elected five times as mayor of the aforementioned town in the north of the country, but in 2015 he was sentenced after the complaint of a 38-year-old woman who was found to have committed the crime with carnal access.

As a result of this cause, many women decided to speak out and also denounced similar acts, such as workplace harassment, for which lawsuits were initiated for extramarital affiliation. At the time of his death, he ran away for a month and a half and was found at his weekend home in the Parque Leloir area of ​​Buenos Aires.

On the last night, several women from the popular Racing recognized him and rejected him until a member of the barrabrava approached and asked him to leave. Ruíz first decided to ignore him and stayed in the stands for another 15 minutes, until other members surrounded him and escorted him to the exit.

The defendant filmed his side of the story to repudiate the situation in the Madre de Ciudades stadium from which he ended up withdrawing and no new incidents were reported in this regard at the exit.

Despite the conviction, Ruiz was a candidate to be in the Legislature of the Province, reaching 9%, which allowed him to enter as a deputy. However, the Special Commission of Powers of the Legislature of Santiago del Estero rejected his title for being an “unworthy and immoral” person and he could not act.

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