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A huge technical leap from the previous generation of Sony virtual reality glasses.

21/09/2022 16:15

We still do not know the exact launch date and price of PSVR2, the new generation of virtual reality glasses from Sony, but the Japanese company continues to promote the virtues of its new device showing off features and their application in games. It certainly aims to be one of the most complete alternatives of the market for lovers of VR games.

Through a new promotional video for PSVR2, Sony has made a complete review of all the technical characteristics that make this device one of the most advanced in the sector and a huge step in quality compared to to the previous generation.

PSVR2 shows its full potential in a new trailer with gameplay of some of its games

The new generation of Playstation VR glasses is expected in 2023

PlayStation VR2 at the forefront of technology

First of all, one of the most obvious and necessary improvements over the previous PSVR model was the panels, now it has pantallas 4K HDR. Another of the most important innovations is the eye tracking, capable of making the device detect the movement of the eyes to select objects within the games, among other functions. Functions as the so-called “Foveated Rendering”a technique capable of reducing the graphic quality of the player’s peripheral vision to highlight the detail of where one is looking and reduce the resource consumption of those “cloudy” areas.

In addition, the PSVR2 have a 110 degree field of visionfinger touch detection, 3D audio, haptic feedback on controls and headband, and the well-known adaptive triggers of the PS5 Dualsense controller. Take a look at this video where its application is shown in games like Horizon: Call of the MountainFirewall Ultra, No Man’s Sky, Resident Evill Village o The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution.

“Discover how PlayStation VR2’s revolutionary immersion features can transport you to exciting worlds that feel, look and sound real through PlayStation VR2 Sense technology.”

PS5 would have a new model in development that would combine the console with a disc reader and the digital one

At the moment it is not known how much these PSVR2 will cost when they finally reach the market at early 2023, but they aim to be one of the most complete and powerful alternatives in the industry. The negative side is that, as confirmed a few days ago, they will not be compatible with PSVR1 games.

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