Proxima a Ti raffles 1 batch of products from your

Upload a screenshot of your rating The Coupon to enter the exclusive draw for registered users of Próxima a ti of a product lot of your favorite brands.

Being part of the Próxima a Ti database has great benefits, such as access to offers, promotions and exclusive contests like this one in which you can instantly win a P&G product lot consisting of:

1 Pack Ariel to wash your clothes and leave them free of stains. 1 bottle of Fairy concentrated detergent to wash dishes by hand. 1 Olay Cream for the care of your skin. 1 pack of Olay wipes activated by water to clean your skin. 1 Pantene Shampoo to wash your hair and keep it healthy. 1 Pantene Conditioner to care for and soften your hair. 1 Pantene Mask to nourish and hydrate.

How do I participate in the Próxima a Ti draw?

Leave a review on the La Cuponera App through the Google Play Store or Apple Store Take a screenshot of your rating.Enter the website next to you.Log in with your Próxima a Ti user Upload the image.

Take part

To the instant you will know if you have won.

You have time until September 30th of 2022.

Go for it!

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