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The Last of Us Part II is the best game to come in the final stretch of PS4 and is now cheaper than ever on the PlayStation Store.

We had been warning about it and it has not taken long to come true: PlayStation Store has already started its Black Friday sales. In this way, there are hundreds of video games from the catalog of PS5 and PS4 titles at a much lower price than normal. Nevertheless, there are still other types of discounts in the Sony digital store, like the one we recently presented to you about this great action game in abundance that is available for less than 10 euros. Now, through the Black Friday offers what you can find is the best cheapest ps4 game ever.

And there is little doubt as to which one we mean, since The Last of Us Parte II It’s an incredible game and, although it hasn’t reached PS5 yet, it has a visual aspect that has nothing to envy to the new generation. If you haven’t gotten into Joel and Ellie’s journey yet, pay close attention, because its price on PlayStation Store is incredibly low right now. In this way, you can get it right now for only 9.99 eurosan almost ridiculous price for one of the best games on the market and that will allow you to save no less than 30 euros thanks to the 75% discount with which you can buy it right now. However, keep in mind that The promotion ends on November 29so you will have to buy it before.

The Last of Us 2 para PS5/PS4 por 9,99€

The Last of Us 2 PS4

The Last of Us Part II, a game that exceeds all technological limits

This player from The Last of Us Part II does a mine thing like you've never seen before

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most expensive and ambitious games in PlayStation history

“The bottom line is that Naughty Dog has managed to create the most ambitious game in its history and the result is fascinating at all visual levels. A magnificent work that is reflected in an exquisite quality that transcends everything that has come to PlayStation 4 to date and that is a perfect appetizer of what awaits us in the coming years. Now it’s up to you to discover his proposal and decide if he has the necessary ingredients to go down in history as he did his first installment. Definitely, The Last of Us Part II is an outstanding game“, We commented in the analysis of the game.

In this way, do not miss the opportunity to get hold of one of those games that mark an era and that will surprise you with every step you take in its world. Remember that You can only get it for 9.99 until next November 29.

The Last of Us 2 para PS5/PS4 por 9,99€

The Last of Us 2 PS4

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