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Get Outlast II thanks to the PlayStation Store Halloween sales, as it is available at one of the lowest prices on the platform.

Approaches Halloween, Halloween, ghost slabs and darkness, but also a perfect date to enjoy the best horror video games together with friends. And from PlayStation Store They know that you want to spend as little as possible to be able to do it, which is why the Halloween Sale is now available in the Sony digital store so you can have access to hundreds of titles from its PS4 and PS5 catalog at a reduced price. Thanks to this you can get the best horror game of 2022 that has a 30% discount. Now we present to you another great game of the genre that is at a ridiculous price right now.

This time we refer to Outlast II, the sequel to the legendary Red Barrels title, which offers a much broader experience than in its first installment with terror as its flag. Now, thanks to the PlayStation Store Halloween offers, you can get it at an almost ridiculous price: only 4.49 euroswhat it means a discount of 85% compared to its original price, which stands at 29.99 euros in the Sony digital store. Thus, you will be saving more than 25 euros if you buy it before next November 3at which time the promotion will end.

Outlast II for PS5/PS4 for €4.49

Outlast II, a decent sequel to one of the most successful horror games in history

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is one of the best horror games

Outlast II is the perfect game for a night like Halloween. Its fantastic setting, its intensity and variety in the rhythm with which the plot unfolds and everything that surrounds it provide a terrifying experience like few have been created in the world of video games. Is about a more complete proposal than that of its predecessor, offering larger environments and more varied situations to offer greater resources at the level of gameplay. There is no doubt that it is a brilliant bet in the horror genre.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to get Outlast II right now to enjoy true terror on your PS4 or PS5 paying much less than usual: only 4.49 euros until next November 3 on the PlayStation Store.

Outlast II for PS5/PS4 for €4.49

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