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Resident Evil 2 is the best remake ever made and is now available on PlayStation Store at an absolutely irresistible price.

We had been anticipating it a few days ago and the time has come: The PlayStation Store Halloween sale is now underway with dozens of horror-themed video games at a reduced price in both their PS4 and PS5 versions. Thanks to this new promotion you can find great video games with incredible discounts that you should take advantage of to enjoy them on such an important date as the one that is coming up. However, keep in mind that the Special Selection promotion is still active, where you can find one of the best RPGs of 2021 with a 75% discount. But let’s get to what concerns us, one of the best halloween deals available.

And it is that the best remake of history, Resident Evil 2, is at an incredible price in the PlayStation Store Halloween Sale. Capcom’s title is a perfect recreation and extension of the classic work, giving incredible moments full of action and terror in equal parts. So at this time you can get it for just 9.99 eurosinstead of the 39.99 euros at which it is available in the digital store. A 75% discount with which you can save no less than 30 euros while the promotion is still active until next November 3at which point it will return to its original price.

Resident Evil 2 for PS5/PS4 for €9.99

Resident Evil 2, the perfect return of a totally renewed classic

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Resident Evil 2 remake cover.

Three years have passed since its official launch, but Resident Evil 2 remake still looks great Today. “There’s been a lot of tweaking along the way, a lot to experiment with to bring back one of the company’s sacred cows and to do so, moreover, by walking the tightrope that separates fidelity to the original work from tempting innovation fueled by modern technology. a complicated juggling exercise that has finished dazzling us, despite having spent several days hurling insults at the screen, fearing to turn every corner and leaving a light on every night. An accumulation of situations that makes it very clear that the team has achieved it and that Resident Evil 2 Remake is proof that Capcom continues to dominate the formula that made the saga shine for so many yearscommented our colleague Juan Antonio Fonseca in his analysis of the game.

In this way, do not miss the excellent opportunity that PlayStation Store offers you to be able to get hold of Resident Evil 2 at an exceptional price: only 9.99 euros until next November 3.

Resident Evil 2 for PS5/PS4 for €9.99

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