Pilar: a man was arrested accused of threatening the owner of a kiosk

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After a complaint, police officers interviewed the victim’s daughter’s partner who said that, moments before, she had learned of the fact because she received a phone call from her mother-in-law who told her that a man, known in the area as “beto“He had threatened her with a gun for not trusting him with a beer.

Moments later, The man located the suspect in the vicinity of the store and, after a struggle, reduced him so that the troops finally managed to apprehend him.

According to the sources, the aggressor, identified by the police as Charles Robert Medina (36), had a gunshot wound to his right hand and, during the procedure, they managed to seize a 22-caliber firearm from him.

According to the spokespersons, the suspect was transferred to the Central Hospital Juan C. Sanguinettiwhere he received the corresponding medical attention and remained at the disposal of justice.

The Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of Pilar, of the Judicial Department of San Isidrowho endorsed what was done and ordered the necessary proceedings.

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