Pichu Straneo very hard with Marcelo Tinelli

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Pichu Straneo it was very hard with Marcelo Tinelli in the radio program that the comedian performs with Rodrigo Lussich Y Ludmila Gurchenco on Pop 101.5.

There the comedian made a fierce observation about Tinelli’s work decisions regarding the group of comedians who have accompanied him since his inception.

Last year The Academy, the program had two segments, one that was dedicated to humor, with specials and another purely dedicated to the reality of dancing and singing with celebrities, it was about this that Pichu referred promptly who took charge of his words and warned:

“I am in charge of what I am going to say now. I told them: ‘Don’t be bad blood, guys, this lasts a month and a half and then he kicks us like always’. And that’s how it was. them is the dance and that kind of thing”shot Pichu in the ATR radial cycle.

“The matter is very difficult. I’m not speaking badly, huh. They already have their minds on it and we were a ‘happening asset’. If it was a resounding success, which it wasn’t, but we didn’t fail either. From the program’s rating of Marcelo last year, what were the three programs that measured the most? The humor ones! express.

Then he stressed that with the ups and downs of humor and generational change it is difficult to do what they did before: “What happens is that if we are going to do the same thing… tangueros and that kind of thing, it can no longer be done like in the old days”he acknowledged.

Let us remember that the participation of the group of comedians such as Straneo, Pachu Peña, José María Listorti, Sebastián Almada, Diego Pérez and Larry de Clay It lasted just a few weeks when the production decided to go ahead only with the dance and song reality show and do without the humorous segments.

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