Pascual distributes 45 prizes of E100 and 1 is distributed

Now for every purchase of €10 or more in products Paschalyou can enter the draw for one of the daily prizes of €100.

For this you will have to get one of these products promotional:

Pascual Milk (in all its formats and varieties) Vivesoy Drink (in all its formats and varieties) Flora Drinks (in all its formats and varieties)

Keep in mind that in order to participate you will have to purchase the same products or combined between the promotional ones in the same purchase ticket.

You will be delighted to know that 1 new prize will be raffled every day, so if you don’t win, the next day you will have 1 new opportunity to participate and win.

In total and until the end of the promotion will be distributed:

45 prizes in the form of a bank transfer worth €100

How do I participate in the Pascual raffle?

Make a purchase of €10 or more of Pascual productsGo into Easter raffle 45 prizes of €100.Fill in the form with your personal information Upload a photo of the purchase receipt

Take part

You can participate until February 28th from 2022

At the moment of participating you will know if you have been a winner. Otherwise, you can try again the next day with a new and different purchase receipt.

Remember to keep the original purchase receipt(s)

You can participate as many times as you have different €10 tickets. But with the limitation of 1 time a day.

Good luck!

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