Parliamentary agenda: a polarized Congress discusses the Rent Law and the Single Ticket

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Decisive hours for the reform of the Rental Law. This week, the Chamber of Deputies plans this week to resume the discussion of the new norm, with the aim of issuing an opinion and taking the debate to the venue.

The lower house had planned to issue an opinion last week, but, without agreement on a unified project, the legislators decided to resume the discussion these days.

The great objective is to debate a consensual project, since Together for Change and the Front of All need agreements to approve the norm in Deputies. However, it is not ruled out that, finally, there will be two opinions that reach the venue. The differences go through the duration of the rental contracts and the lapse between one adjustment and the other.

Single Ballot

The opposition promotes the treatment “on tables” of the Single Ballot and requested a special session for this Thursday, May 5. In a letter headed by the legislator of “Vamos con vos”, Florencio Randazzo, and deputies of JxC, Federal Interbloc, Avanza Libertad and other opposition spaces, the opposition asked the President of Deputies, Sergio Massa, for a special session.

The opposition would have the 129 deputies necessary to enable the debate, but the Front of All could stop its progress. It is that by not having an opinion, two thirds of those present are needed to approve the project. However, the opposition would thus force the ruling party to give the debate and establish a position on an uncomfortable issue.

Another special session was also scheduled for this Thursday -at 3:00 p.m.- to advance with different proposals on UVA credit debtors.

In the Senate, meanwhile, legislators are expected to continue the debate on the projects that propose to expand the Supreme Court of Justice.

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