Oura Ring 3: the biometric ring to live better

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There are fifty thousand devices to track physical activity. Most are designed to be watches or bracelets and wear them every day collecting data from our wrist.

Today I want to talk to you about a different wearable, not only because of its shape but also because of technological advances. Its about Oura Ring 3an improved ring to measure the quality of our physical activity and rest.

Oura Ring 3, the biometric ring that shows our performance

This gadget reduces the measurement of physical activity and rest to a simple ring with multiple sensors placed inside.

To tell you about him in detail, I have prepared an episode of the podcast that I leave you below.

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However, I will leave you the specifications in this article and the links mentioned in the episode.

I start with the official presentation video of the brand itself:

What does the Oura ring measure?

At night it monitors the rest:

Resting heart rate How your heart rate varies (HRV) Breathing rate Body temperature Movements while you sleep Stages of sleep: light, deep and REM

The ring that measures how long you sleep and how is the quality of sleep

During the day measure all your physical activity:

Steps Heart rate Blood oxygen levels (this data is best taken with tweezers) Naps Moments of inactivity…

Recently, in October 2021 they have released the third generation Oura Ring with an improved algorithm and up to 32 more sensors compared to Oura Ring 2.

The interesting thing about this ring:

All the data it collects together with its own algorithm provides us with information through its app that we can use to perform better, sleep the hours we really need, when we should do it, etc.

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The science behind the Oura Ring

As I mention in the podcast episode, I found a video of a researcher measuring the reliability of sleep tracking for 27 devices, including the new Oura Ring.

It is very encouraging, because with the new algorithm, how this biometric ring measures rest and sleep has improved considerably.

I leave you the video in case you want to take a look at it.

Technical characteristics of the ring:

👉 It is round with the top a bit flattened and inside are the sensors that collect all the info.

👉 Those sensors are a infrared PPG system to measure blood pressure through the fingers

👉 Has up to 7 temperature sensors.

👉 It is made of titanium and hard plastic.

👉 Its weight is between 4 and 6 grams (depending on size)

👉 It is waterproof, up to 100 meters deep.

👉 The battery lasts a week and in less than an hour it is fully charged.

👉 Available in 4 colors: silver, black, matte or gold

Where to buy the Oura Ring?

You can order from its official website.

Prices vary depending on the color:

The silver and black one costs €314 The matte and gold one costs €419

also has a monthly subscription with premium content to access more data as well as meditation sessions and good practices to “hack your habits”.

The first 6 months are given away for the purchase of the ring and then it costs €5.99 per month.


We have seen that this is a top-of-the-range gadget. Although it is usually worn by athletes and celebrities, the truth is that it is seen more and more. If you care about monitoring your biometric data and creating habits Regarding that information, it is undoubtedly a gadget that provides really good data. Of course, the price is such 😅

As you see it? Leave it to me in the comments.


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