Oscar Ruggeri quotI still see the goal against the English

The former defender of the Argentine national team, Oscar Ruggeri, affirmed that he still cannot believe the “second goal against the English” by Diego Maradona, within the framework of the 36th anniversary of Argentina’s victory in the quarterfinals of Mexico 1986, which more later ended in the second world conquest.

“I still see the English goal and I can’t believe it. It makes you look like it’s easy,” Ruggeri commented on ESPN and described: “Maradona was a mass that you couldn’t move, once he threatened you you couldn’t grab him and in the height, less.

In this sense, Ruggeri recalled: “(DT Carlos) Bilardo told us the first day that Diego was going to play all the games and was going to be the captain. It was not easy because Daniel Passarella was on the squad, a world champion and of a lot of weight”, and valued that with Diego “we had a great advantage over the rest”.

“Diego was generous, he gave you everything you asked for. He just didn’t take off the captain’s tape. As soon as the game was over, he kept it under lock and key,” he recalled and stressed that “there were never” fights between Passarella and Maradona “outside from the field”.

In addition, the ex-soccer player from San Lorenzo, Real Madrid of Spain and Lanús, among others, analyzed: “If he hadn’t wanted him, he would leave him out as happened with ‘Pato’ Fillol and other footballers. Bilardo took him to Mexico because he wanted him in the team. It is true that he had no power because even the government of Raúl Alfonsín beat him and they criticized Maradona a lot”.

“In the previous one, the media did not stop talking about the war in the Malvinas Islands and we focused on giving joy to the boys who returned and to the fathers and mothers who lost their children. Diego warned us ‘we do not go out to fight , we went out to play soccer and bring happiness to our people,'” he said.

Finally, he recalled: “I remember that we came to the World Cup as one more team. The candidates were Brazil, Italy and France, who had just won the European Championship”, and concluded: “The English footballers never told us things about the Malvinas, nor even in the hottest moment of the game or when the ball was stopped, which was brave”.