Nqz is the new addition to 9z Team

After a great sports performance during this first half of the year, 9z Team decided to sign the young Brazilian star, Lucas “Nqz” Soareswho arrives to form the Counter Strike Main team with which they will seek, once again, to represent Latin America.

After receiving offers from great Brazilian and American teams, “Nqz” arrives from Brazil to complete the squad that managed to qualify for the Counter Strike World Cup and demonstrated the high Latin American level against European teams.

The roster made up of Lucas “Nqz” Soares, David “Dav1d” Tapia Maldonado, Maximiliano “Max” Gonzalez, Martín “Rox” Molina, Franco “Dgt” Garcia and Rafael “Zakk” Fernandes, will also add a new analyst, Gustavo “Tge ” Motta, who joins the violet to accompany the high competitive level.

9z Team will have its first challenge at the end of June, when it disputes the Rootet Cup in Europe; this tournament will represent a great opportunity for the violet squad to once again demonstrate its power against the best teams in the world.

The Rootet Cup will take place online from June 22 to 30 of the same month, the tournament will have a group stage with double elimination and matches to the best of 3, only the best 2 go to the playoffs.
The group that 9z Team will be part of will have FURIA, Outsiders and ForZe.

Violet’s debut will be on Thursday 06/23 at 7:00 p.m. CEST – 2:00 p.m. Argentina against FURIA.

In this way, the purple squad continues its international positioning and, once again, seeks to place the power of LATAM at the top in the eyes of the world.

By Geeke