President Alberto Fernández today led an act of delivery of 224 homes belonging to the Reconstruct Program in the Buenos Aires district of Ensenada where he highlighted the role of a present State that guarantees its population basic rights, given that “no one can feel calm and in peace without having a roof to shelter him”.

“Every time we deliver a house, I always tell Jorge (Ferraresi) ‘I feel so full, so complete’, because I am really solving a family problem, of many families that are in need and those houses are for you” , affirmed the president during the act that he presided over in Ensenada where he was accompanied by the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, the mayor of that party, Mario Secco, and the deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz.

quotNo one can feel calm without having a roof that

Source: NA.

Within the speech he highlighted the importance of a State that guarantees the right to own a home, unlike those who “once believed that this problem was solved by the market”, and added: “These problems are not solved by the market but by the State , the State committing itself to the community, knowing that if the State does not activate many families they cannot access the right to have a home”.

In addition, he took the opportunity to answer all those who say that the Government has no direction, and pointed out: “We know where we are going, we are convinced of the direction we have taken.” “We need everyone to join us in building a fairer, freer and more sovereign Argentina like the one that (Juan Domingo) Perón, Evita, Néstor (Kirchner) and Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner) dreamed of, and in which I I am also convinced”, Fernández concluded.