sorteo proxima a ti huevo pascua premio diario

To celebrate Easter next to you will raffle HD Rakuten TV codes, Nextory Subscriptions, Gift Cards and products P&G.

a contest with 1,211 awards instantly and in which you can participate daily.

Accumulating new prizes every day.

P&G has embarked on a sustainability project that aims to generate a positive impact on the environment and society.

Generating value for both the company and its consumers.

In total they are 1,211 awards:

500 €5 HD Rakuten TV Codes.300 Nextory- Subscriptions 1 month digital book.400 P & G brand products.10 €100 gift cards.1 Gift card value €1,500

How do I participate in the Próxima a Ti draw?

Access the “Easter Next to You Contest”Register or log in.Fill in the form with your personal dataAnswer the questions about your purchasing habits and consumption of personal hygiene products.

Take part

To the instant you will know if you have won.

You can only participate once a day during the promotional period.

You have time from the 4th to the April 24 of 2022.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETCategory:Free Contests – Free Giveaways – Free Prizes
(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 500 HD Rakuten TV Codes of €5, 300 Nextory- Subscriptions 1 month digital book, 400 Products of P&G brands, 10 Gift Cards of €100, 1 Card gift value €1,500 Link:Next to you raffles hundreds of prizes for Easter Mechanics:Register or log in, fill in the form with your personal data to enter the Winning Moments draw.BasesLinkTime:3 Minutes

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