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With so many automated trading robots popping up in different parts of the world every day, it’s tough to tell which ones are legitimate and which are scams. This review will make it simple for customers to compare The New Spy to other cryptocurrency auto trading systems. 

The News Spy is a bitcoin automated trading platform. John Mayers, a successful cryptocurrency trader, developed this auto trading robot to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Mayers was joined in the creation of this program by a group of skilled software engineers. 

This newly established trading system examines the present state of the bitcoin market.


What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is an automatic trading robot that aims to create money for traders. According to the robot’s official website, the High-Tech trading program incorporates superior risk management models for trade allocations. The auto trading software monitors the crypto markets at breakneck speed, identifying the best trading opportunities. The robot also uses scalping tactics to make the most of even the tiniest market movements. Today, we’ll go through the news spy robot in further depth.

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How Does it Work?

The news spy trading application works in the same way as the other auto trading robots we’ve studied previously. The app works in conjunction with several brokers all over the world. Traders must register with one of the platform’s recommended brokers. Another requirement of the automated trading bot to get started is a minimum deposit of $25ou may access the robot to set it up and have it start placing trades as soon as your account has funds.

Simply withdraw what’s left of your funds from the account once your balance on The News Spy has grown sufficiently, or if it’s not working out well yet (or ever). 

The News Spy allows users to participate in Bitcoin simply and securely without revealing their personal banking details. 

To use this app, you must first register an account on the website, which will require some type of verification before access is granted. There are five options once you’ve logged into your account: 

  1. Deposit Funds
  2. Trade Now
  3. Make Picks (which also requires registration)
  4. Watchlist
  5. Configuration. 

The first four alternatives all require individual KYC certification from every user, however the fifth option does not.

Is News Spy Legit?

Yes, the News Spy is a legitimate application. The News Spy software is quite dependable, and trained analysts examine the news it generates. As a result, there is little room for hypotheses and reservations about its veracity. 

After doing our News Spy review and putting the software through numerous tests to determine its reliability, we concluded that News Spy is outstanding software that passed all of our tests. 

The News Spy’s automated live trading tool is ideal for both novices and pros. It allows users to establish a stop-loss limit to reduce risk while utilizing important trading signals to make a significant profit.

Create an Account

Step 1: Register

The first step in joining any online crypto trading platform is to register. It only takes a few minutes with our bitcoin trading software to unlock the doors to your success. To register, all the traders have to do is go to the News Spy’s official home page and click on the “join now” option. Next, they must complete the registration form by providing basic user information such as their account name, email address, and phone number. 


Step 2: Make a deposit: 

Traders must pay an initial deposit in order to activate their News Spy account and begin trading. The minimum amount necessary to sign up for the News Spy trading software is $250. On the News Spy website, there are a variety of payment alternatives. Traders can fund their accounts using various handy payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Webmoney, bank transfer, and more. 

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Step three: Automated trading

After that, you can start trading using The News Spy, a new hands-free money-making trading strategy. The trading system’s demo trading platform makes it easier for new investors to properly learn the trading process in real-time trading conditions. The demo feature provides users with the same tools and market signals as real-time trading.


Demo Trading Feature

 Before risking real money in a live trading session, investors can use The News Spy’s demo trading tool to practice their skills. This allows the account owner to gain valuable insight into just how real trading functions without having to risk real money. 

24/7 Customer Service 

The News Spy program can assist traders at any time they resist the desire to speak with the team about their next moves on the auto trading platform, thanks to the back end’s 24/7 live customer support service.

Technically Advance

Trading with The News Spy is much easier than manual trading techniques, which involve long hours of effort to master online trading abilities. The auto trading bots do the entire task of making trades and monitoring the crypto markets. With this auto trading robot, trading bitcoins has gotten considerably easier because no human participation is required. 


Is the withdrawal system dependable? 

It is completely trustworthy. Withdrawals on this auto trading platform are not subject to any delays. After their withdrawal application is processed, users can expect their funds to appear in their bank account within 24 hours. 


Can I use the News Spy to promote affiliate products? 

No, it’s a cryptocurrency-only automated trading platform. 

How much money do I need to start trading on this platform? 

Users must make a $250 deposit to begin using the live trading option. 

Is News Spy a reliable source of information? 

Yes, that is unquestionably genuine.

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One feature that distinguishes The News Spy apart from others is its demo account, which enables you to practice trading before you use your live or real income account. By converting your original payment into virtual currencies and starting small, you will be able to observe how successful transactions may be. This will allow you to avoid losing too much money if something bad happens during an investing deal.