cupones maheso 1 euro blackfriday

Maheso has just released a new batch of its famous and expected couponsthis time for his ranges of meat, pasta, croquettes, gluten-free:

EDITION 11-25-2022 11:36 coupons available.

To celebrate Black Friday, Maheso launches its famous home delivery coupons.

Cannelloni and lasagna of various types.

You can request these vouchers while stocks last and they will be will be sent home by regular mail in some 20 days about.

Once you have them, look at the expiration date to redeem them before they expire.

You can change them in a lot of supermarkets since they are very well known.

How do I get Maheso discount coupons?

It is very simple.

Request Discount Coupons

If everything went well, you will get some messages that will say:


You will soon receive a Maheso discount voucher.

And ready, to wait receive them at home and then buy them at a good discount.

Note: I leave an estimated note of the end of the campaign below.

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Written on: 11-25-2022 | (Valid until: 11-25-2022 or while stocks last) | by Laura | 4 Comments

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