Naturgreen and Taller Madreselva raffle two lots

naturegreen and Honeysuckle Workshop have come together to launch a raffle in which you can win one of the 2 lots valued at 150 euros and 245 euros and containing beauty and food products.

Naturgreen specializes in making food products sustainable and ecological. They offer a wide catalog where you will find kefir, yogurt, cereals, seeds, desserts, vegetable drinks and much more.

And this raffle is shared with Taller Madreselva, a cosmetics brand that makes products that are skin friendly and the planet.

Its products have between 98% and 100% ingredients from natural origin and more than 90% ingredients of organic origin.

will be raffled two lots with sustainable and ecological products.

lot 1 Naturgreen valued at 155 euro:

Oat Drink (3)Soy Drink (1)Olive Oil (1)Almond Cream (1)Agave Syrup (1)Cocoa (1)Rice Dessert (1)

lot 2 Honeysuckle Workshop valued at 245 euro:

Calendula Oil (1) Rose Hydrosol (1) Shea Butter (1) Revitalizing Facial Serum (1) Daily Cleansing Sponge (1) Hair Repair Oil (1) Legs Body Serum (1) Body Serum (1) Body Serum rejuvenating effect (1)

How do I participate in the Naturgreen raffle?


Giveaway will end on May 29 at 11:59 p.m.


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