Natana raffles a detox pack

To end February in a big way, Nathan joined the best with the raffle on Instagram for a detox pack for skin and body.

From the hand of Fruiteca and Sa Granola, Natana is raffling off a pack of skin and body care products, fruit and vegetable juices and granola for a detox treatment inside and out.

The pack that It includes:

Absolute Defense Cream and Organic powder Cleanser by Natana: The first is a multi-protective moisturizing cream that, due to its content in Vitamin B3 -Niacinamide, repairs the damage caused by blue light, UV radiation and pollution.

The second is an organic powder cleanser that gently cleanses, removes make-up, balances, soothes and treats the skin.

A Fruiteca 1-day detox pack: Fruiteca juices are made with the best fruits and vegetables straight from the field.

They are obtained through a cold pressing technique that guarantees minimal oxidation of the fruit during the extraction process, thereby achieving a high nutritional value of the juice as well as a lot of flavour.

A pack of granola from Sa Granola: Made from buckwheat, nuts, laminated coconut and goji berries that provide fiber, good fats and complex carbohydrates to start the day with energy and quality nutrients.

How do I participate in the Natana raffle?

Take part

If you want to increase your chances of winning, share the post in Stories and tag so they can see it.

The winner will be announced this Monday. February 28th and will be contacted via DM.

If you don’t respond within 3 days, a second winner will be found.

Hurry because there are very few days left to participate!

Go for it!

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