My new investment as a freelancer: a time tracker

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All of us who exchange time for money* need to do one essential thing: count the hours we dedicate to each project or client.

*also known as freelancers 😅

I have been using the Toggl tool for several years to track the time I spend on the newsletter or on my podcast, but when you exchange time for money, the need to actually know the hours you spend on each thing is very precious. In addition, it serves to estimate the time that I can spend on each task and budget better.

The problem? Well, I don’t always remember to hit play in Toggl when I start working for a client or on some of my own projects. And this makes me lose a lot of valuable information.

So I have decided to look for a gadget that solves my ballot and help me better count my hours.

Press play because it can help you even if you are not self-employed. They are very interesting little pots, you’ll see…

Available in:

timeflip vs. Timing: which one to choose?

In the podcast I give you more detail about the pros and cons of each one. But if you don’t want to hear my velvety voice… I’ll leave you with a quick summary.


👍 The good:

being a dodecahedronhas 12 faces with which we can assign up to 12 different tasks or projects Its software is free and you can also export reports with the hours It is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

👎 The bad:

Tracking is not automatic, that is, you have to hit play when you want it to start

Visit their website here

timeflip vs. Timeular: two trackers and one destination. The wonder for freelancers Click To Tweet


👍 The good:

the tracking starts automatically when you put it on the table, which is a great advantage to avoid the problem of forgetting to press play It is much more established in the market and I have found many more use cases than Timeflip Shipments are from Europe that’s right that take a few days (if you live in Spain) It is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

👎 The bad:

To be able to see the reports and graphs, you have to pay separately for the software (monthly or annual payment)

Visit their website here

Both devices have a $69 price.

Which one have I bought?

I finally decided to bet on Timeular. Although I count on having to pay for the software, seeing opinions gave me a better feeling than the other. I don’t know how it will be.

However, if you are more interested in the topic, let me know in the comments and after using it for a while I can talk about it on the podcast and here.

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