MrWonderful Memory with E200 and 14 metal boxes of plasters

Participate in the game of Mr Wonderful in which you can win 1 check of €200 to spend in the store or one of the 14 boxes of band-aids with brand drawings.

Surely you have ever seen the agendas, cups or notebooks of Mr. Wonderful and you have wanted to have one of those cute products.

If so, you cannot miss this promotion because it will be distributed among all the participants. these two gifts that any fan of the brand would want to get:

14 Mr. Wonderful Band-Aids with Metallic box1 €200 gift voucher to spend on the website

Please note that the gift of the band-aids one will be distributed each day and it will be awarded to the person who has solved (that day) the Memory in the shortest time.

Instead, the check prize will be drawn at the end of the promotion among all participants.

How do I participate in the draw for Band-Aids?

Take part

You can participate until November 16, 2022

Luck! 🍀

You can consult the legal bases on the same page of the promotion, (from here it does not let me link them).

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