Marcelo Tinelli is in full production of what will be his return to television with the reality show “Canta Conmigo”, within the framework of that information, Ángel De Brito gave the names of the first summoned for the contest, among which are various international figures.

From twitter, a user commented on the figures that would be handled for payment to these stars and it was there that Moria Casán, indignant, echoed that information and answered the post with a harsh accusation.

It was Estefanía Berardi who took the diva’s publication and retweeted it, making clear the differences that exist between national and international salaries. And the difficulties they had to collect in recent years of work.

“Indignant Moria”, he clarified along with what he said: “And we two years to collect, you have to be a foreigner to be quoted. Please, hold on Argentina,” Moria wrote, paying tribute to his karateka language.

Moria Casan very critical of Marcelo Tinelli quotTwo years to